Friday, November 4, 2011

Families of Missing Persons Turn to Web for Clues

Families of missing persons turn to web for clues:
It's being called the nation's silent mass disaster. More than 100,000 people are actively missing and another 40,000 bodies are unidentified.

Persons of Interest

James "Jimmy" DeNoyer, his girlfriend Rebecca L. Warda & Ron Bomeister are persons of interest in my dad's case. DeNoyer has caused nothing but grief for my entire family ever since we met him. We need closure and someone knows something. I can't afford a PI, I don't have anonymous donors donating $100,000 + to find him, his story has not been put on TV (despite my attempts to get media coverage), I can't afford a billboard etc.

I'm a SAHM mom with 2 young kids and having a missing loved one is a full-time job. It kills me that I can't do more. My kids will never meet their grandpa. My daughter says when she sees my dad's picture "Is that my other grandpa?"